Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Changes.

So yesterday there was some big changes happening within our guild. Basically I left my guild as well as most of the leadership has step down from League of Light. League of Light now has a new guild leader as well as new officers basically. This is a big change for the Alliance I was in as well. Because our guild leader was also the leader of the alliance as well. So basically big changes in this alliance and guild.

The reason I left was because I was just tired of running with the big guilds and alliances. I wanted something smaller more group based when all you do is basically run around with the same group time and again. That is what I wanted. I had contemplated quitting the game, but I had just found out that I have it free until August 25th, so it would be a waste to not play and I wanted something new to make the game fun. Hopefully this will work.



  1. You should really think about just making a toon on Dark Crag. It is what the game was advertised to be on there. Always huge battles, and you won't see many crypts, tunnels, LV spam because pvp gear falls into your lap way faster.

  2. @Blazeric, yeah I got a call at work from one of our guildies when they heard about that tidbit. If you're looking for small group PVP, you should be happy in RLH.

    @Eyeball, I read your blog often. Unfortunately many of us on Gorfang have RR 70+ Characters that we've put a ton of time into. I am really, really hoping that Mythic finally merges Gorfang with a server that has a stout population base (and hopefully one that needs help on the Order side).