Friday, July 24, 2009

Tanks in RvR.

This new patch I have to say is interesting. I haven't played much with it this week as real life has gotten in the way, and I won't be able to play any next week since it is vacation time for me. With this new patch though comes with the new CC timers, which makes my tank live longer, well at least I think it does because the few SCs I have played I was focused fired down for some reason I guess it was because I was the only one hitting the healers because everyone else decided to hit the tanks. Oh well that is what I get for pugging it. But with these new CC timers tanks now are just guard bots in rvr. We were the class with the most CC but now we are useless. True Knights and Chosen are still sort of useful because of our Auras, but still tanks aren't very useful now. We never had the burst dps of a mdps and being tank spec in rvr is pointless. Now instead of just taking away some of the CC out of classes that shouldn't have it, they just give them insane immunity timers now which makes our CC basically pointless. Oh well I am just now going to have to pay attention way more to the timers and now healers are going to be even harder for me to take down.


  1. What exactly are the CC Timer based on?

    If i put a Snare on you, it last 5 sec. once that is gone, You cannot be resnared..?

    But can you be knockdown?
    Can you be rooted
    can you be morale rooted?
    are morale and ablilities on same timer or different?

    Is there a Idiot guide for snowwhitie?

  2. The immunity timers now are between 40 and 60s I believe. I know once you are knockback or knockdown you can't be again for I think 60s. Same thing with root snare and this includes my morale root. Once you are rooted unless you break it with an ability you can't be CC for either 40 or 60s.

  3. Root and knockback should be 20s if I remember correctly. The rest of the CC is 10x the original duration. That makes a 7s stun give 70s of immunity to all CC that isn't root/knockback, and a 2s knockdown a 20s immunity, etc. Morales respect immunity timers, but tanks get a 10s snare that only triggers the immunity if it isn't reapplied. It has a 5s cooldown, giving a 5s window to perma-snare someone.

    Things are better than they were to a degree, but the right answer would have been stripping all but 1 or 2 abilities from each class, and dumping them on tanks instead. Low DPS, high survivability, lots of CC. That's what a tank should be.