Monday, July 6, 2009

TotVL Boss Guide

Well I am bored at work right now and I figure that I will help you all and post a boss guide through the first 7 bosses on the TotVL. We are currently trying to down the 7th boss but here is a guide to the first 7. I will also post on how we are set up group wise. For the group make up, the dps should be single target because most of the encounters are dps races which suck. 2nd off your tanks should dps spec. We are currently running in with two tanks both dps spec, but on boss encounters we just pop on our s/s and are good to go still because the bosses don't hit to hard. I would also like to point out that for your group it is going to be very hard if your group isn't at least above rr 55. Just because of the bonuses you get from renown. We haven't tried it with 1 tank being tank spec but I think that would be doable too. Ok on to the boss guide.

1st Boss: This guy is pretty easy. Don't worry about guard because in this stage which is called sc When you first aggro him make sure both tanks stand in front of him. The reason being is because his frontal cleave is unblockable and it splits the damage between how many people are in front of him. So both tanks will only be taking half amount of damage. So you dps him down 25% then he switches stages. It is random so you need to pay attention. If he switches to Carrion phase he does a whirlwind attack. When he does this just rotate knocking him down. You will need to coordinate them but once he gets up knock him down. Another stage is Scarab phase. This phase is a damage shield phase which does damage on all melee attacks. Your healers should be able to heal through this phase so just dps him down. The last phase that may come up is Asp phase. If this phase pops up all your casters stop attacking him and just run up in melee range and attack him that way. He switches phases every 25% so just pay attention to see which phase he switches too so it isn't that bad.

2nd Boss: You all have done this one before but I will still put down how you do it. Basically just grab 1 piece of treasure to start the boss fight then don't worry about the rest. Tanks go 2 hander and just have a healer kite the lord around the room. He only takes damage when he kneels down. Watch out for the sword spawns and the bow and maces. Just dps him down and the longer it takes to kill him the more sword bows and maces spawn. You will need get him down about 5-7% each time he kneels down.

3rd Boss: I will explain the pq first since we had trouble with it to begin with. Clear the mods in the middle first then the mobs on the outside. Ok now on to the boss fight. If you have 2 tanks have one go 2 hander and the other go s/s. First have all your group spread out to the four different holes in the room. Have the main tank aggro the lord. Once he is aggroed he teleports to one of the different holes. Whoever is closest to him run up and to him and auto attack him so he stops channeling. This channel ticks for around 1200 on everyone so you need to do this fast. Once this happens the main tanks aggros the lord and starts to kite him around the middle of the room. I will explain later why. This guy has an aura kind of like the tomb of the sun boss. When you see a speech bubble pop up above his head and he starts to twirl his staff everyone backs away out of his aura range. If you get hit with it is instant death. It is a golden aura that you can see the range on. He does this periodically. The reason for kiting him is because if you do it right he won't do this aura but once right when he teleports. He teleports every 20% so once he gets close spread out to the holes again and auto attack him so he doesn't channel for to long. He also cast an aliment on your group members periodically that is a damage defuff as well as healing and armor debuff on everyone and they need to be cleansed right away. I would suggest each healer take three and cleanse them. I would suggest one healer cleanse the main tank first then the dps then him self. The other healer cleanse the dps then himself then the off tank. The aliment looks like a golden swarm at the bottom of your feet. Then you burn him down and that is it.

4th Boss: This guy isn't to bad. He has the same aura as the 3rd boss that is basically an insta kill. One tank goes s/s and the other goes 2-hander. Have the main tank tank him on the stairs in the middle of the room. He will periodically teleport someone in to the baths that are in the middle of the room. When that person is in the bath you have to stand on the glyph to let him out. If he gets teleported in a second time the boss gets a damage debuff that needs to be cleansed three times. You need to stop dpsing him until he is cleansed. They are blessing so you tanks can clear them off of him. There are 3 of the blessings on him so once you cleanse them get the guy out of the bath and keep on dpsing him and then get the loot. He also has gives people the same aliment as the last boss.

5th Boss: Now this boss is pretty hard and more than likely you will need to bug him out to beat him. Ok both tanks need to be s/s for this but still need to be dps spec. When you first enter the room you will see a semi circle of 5 bodies. Don't run in them yet because that will start the pq. When you enter into the middle of the room with the two tanks to of the champs rise up. The off tank will need to tank the one on the outside and the main tank the one on the inside. Burn down the one the main tank is on first. After you kill that champ another one spawns right away so have the main tank pick him up and then the dps burns down the one the off tank is on. Once that one is down the off tank picks up the next one that spawns. The dps then burns down the one the main tank is on. After you kill that one the main tank burns down he picks up the last add. The dps has to burn down the add that the main tanks picks up then. Once you burn down the add the main tank is on then you burn down the add the off tank is tanking. While you are burning down the last add the main tank gets close to where the boss is so he can pull him once he spawns. Also one point of advice these guys hit hard and they have a cleave so make sure they aren't facing each other and they have there backs to each other. Ok once you kill the last add the off tank stays where the adds spawn while the main tank is close to the lord. When the lord comes he also has an add that spawns from the ones you just killed. The off tank picks up the add when he spawns and the dps burn him down first. After you burn down that champ everyone focuses on the lord. The lord has the golden aura as well so once that pops up get out. He also has the aliments too so cure those as well. Make sure the main tank tanks him close to the urn that is right behind him from where he spawns at. Once you burn him down everyone then has to focus on the urn there. Basically save all your morales for the urn. To target the urn you have to click on it too. You have to get it down 25% each time, but if you do it 20% you can still do it but you will have to bug it out. After a short period of time it will kick you out and you will have to repeat again with the main tank tanking the lord and the off tank on the champ. Point of advice if you have the aliments and the lord is getting close to being dead make sure you cleanse the dps first. You rinse and repeat this until he is dead. If you are only doing 20% damage to the urn then here is how you bug him out. On the last time and you destroy the urn everyone runs to the window there in the middle. Have one of the tanks taunt him and the everyone jumps out. Once this happens just have your range dps burn him down from underneath him. Everyone stays down there so don't try and go up there. Burn him down then run back up and loot. Good luck with this one he is pretty hard.

6th Boss: This one is easy actually. There are 3 lords in the room. Have your main tank put on his tank gear but still be dps spec. The off tank can still be two hander. Ok with this there are six pillars that pop up around the scorpions. You want your main tank to tank two of these scorpions. They will have a buff on them with how many pillars are up. You can see this buff when you click on them for the two that the main tank is tanking you want no more than buffs on him and for the one the off tank is tanking you want either 1 or 0 on him. How to get the buffs of is too hit a pillar from where the scorpion with an ability to knock it down some then jump on it to knock it down all the way. Once you kill one you start working on another one. Even if you wipe here after killing one he stays dead to you can easily kill the other two. That is it, it isn't to bad.

7th Boss: Ok we are stuck on this boss and it is a hard one at that. Basically once you first enter the room it aggros the lord in the center. It is another dps race like the 5th boss. This one has 4 stages that you have dps the boss down 25% each time. Once the lord is aggroed you get these color spheres around your feet. There is a color scheme that you need to follow to get rid of them. You only have a minute or else you will die. The color scheme is this and you can only do it one at a time. Here is the scheme Red ---> Green then Green ---> Blue then Blue ---> Red then Red ---> Green then Green ---> Blue. Once this is done the person with that had the blue and was last to touch should have a golden aura around him. I will explain the golden aura later. There are also adds that spawn right as you enter the room. With this being the first stage it is also the hardest. These adds are untankable and are called Cousin of the King. They can be knocked down and rooted. He does an AoE if anyone is close that ticked on me for 1800. We had each tank taunt and knock down the mobs first and then kite them around the outside of the room both either going clockwise or counter clockwise. Don't get to far away though because they will cut corners to get to you. You will keep on kiting the mobs until all the colors are gone and the golden aura is spawned on someone. Once this is done you burn down on champ by knocking him down and rooting him. Once you kill one you get the other one. Ok once you kill these mobs everyone gather around the boss golden aura. Ok the person who got the golden aura first has to go in first to the boss. Once he runs in everyone else runs in and dps the boss down. You need to get him down 25% each time. After that you will get teleported out. You will then have to do the color scheme again. The mobs that spawn this time are called brother of the king and are tankable and don't hit very hard. They have a snare though so watch out for that other than that it is easy. So you do the color scheme then burn down the mobs. Set up again and then the person with the golden aura goes in first then everyone else. The third phase the mobs that spawn can be tanked again. The have a ground aoe that you have to watch out for and move out when they put it down and where. These mobs are called Uncle to the king. Do the color scheme again kill the mobs and then dps the lord. On the final phase it is random what mobs appear so the tanks need to pay attention to the names of the mobs. Do the color scheme, kill the mobs the kill the lord. With the colors it seems to rotate between 2 different setups. When we did it, it was mainly everyone got the same color except for a few times. Just do it a couple of times to get the color scheme down then you should get it down pat. Also the as you are running around doing the colors the lord does hit random people at some times. I would suggest the tanks go 2 hander since the mobs don't hit that hard. Well that is as far as we have gotten.

Good luck with everything in there. I will also post about the final encounter too once we get there. This dungeon is very hard and you will get frustrated but keep at it.


  1. Cool blog man.


  2. "They have a ground aoe that you have to watch out for and move out when they put it down and where"

    That part of the strategy is clutch info imo.

  3. On this boss ourselves right now and struggling. good advice clearly put. thank you

  4. we almost had the cousins down last night.. im a bw and we ran with a slayer.. apparently melee dps isnt the way to go with this fight................

  5. There's also Taste the Rainbow addon to help you with 7th boss.