Wednesday, July 15, 2009


THIS IS AWESOME, now I know who this game is suppose to be played. I took a half day off of work yesterday just to go play warhammer after the server merge and I have to say I love it now. I gained 110-120k yesterday in renown. There were SCs popping at 11:30 in the afternoon. I have never seen that. RvR all day long in different spots in different zones. The zones were flipping on VP within an hour of being flipped. This was WAR. In CW at one point there was fighting in 3 differnt spots. It was amazing.

SCs were really fun. Hell I broke 370k in one. It was amazing. I was even in my new s/s spec.

Oh and here is a funny picture I took the other day. I died so fast that I died right beside myself. I found it kind of funny.


  1. Your first two images are full of fail.

  2. There I fixed it. Didn't notice that the pics weren't working.