Monday, July 20, 2009

Who Is Better.

This server merge has been interesting to say the least. With this merge each server has to prove who is better. I know I could care less but on the forums that is what it is all about. Everyone is thinking that there server premades are better than the other server premades. I find this funny to say the least. Each server had a different type of premades. I know on Gorfang on order side we don't have anything you would consider the bomb group. Our closest thing was Flags in Space premade that uses 2 SMs and 2 BWs and 2 healers. Know with this server merge comes Blitz bomb group with 1 engy, 1 knight, 2 bws and 2 wps. Destro on Gorfang are having a hard time against it but that is just because they haven't seen it yet. I say give it time.

I know on order for Gorfang we haven't seen that many Sorcs or Melee dps DoKs as Ironfist destro had. Sure we have seen rift groups but they ususally on run with one sorc and one chopps. Now they have the same make up as Blitz's bomb group. I know that destro on Ironfist haven't seen that many rift maguses, but Gorfang Order is so use to seeing them that it isn't that bad.

I say let everyone get use to the new people that just came over and figure out how people play. Besides all I know is that RLH still dominants but it is nice to have more competition.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Blaze, but FIS moved to Phoenix Throne to find more competition. We vowed to not return until and if Gorfang starts needing our help. Even with the server merge, Destro on Gorfang is having trouble. I

    t's a shame, because I didn't want to leave my RR 71 archmage (nobody really did) but to find people to fight you have to take drastic measures sometimes.