Friday, July 10, 2009

Could It Be True.

So I just got done reading grab bag #20. I skimed through it real fast until I got to the last question with mythics answer. At the end of it it says that there will be server merges. This got me really excited. Could it be our prays have been answered. Could it be they listen to us. Could it be we actually get to play this game like it is meant to be played. I can only hope that this merger happens very soon. When this does happen there will be dancing in the streets of Altdorf at least by me.

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully they are massive server mergers, because the state of most core servers they could probably combine all of them into 1 or 2. If they just cut them in half it will be the same story a few months down the road after more quit, and than more quit because the server pop sucks.

    Mythic just needs to admit they screwed up, suck up their pride and have like maybe 5 servers total if that. People will be happier, new players would be happier, and just all around everyone would be happier. If players actually started having fun, and talking about it to other people than more will eventually play the game, but as it is now who would actually tell someone to play this game.