Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I did Lost Vale last night for the first time in a long time. I have to say tanking Lost Vale is really easy compared to tanking in TotVL. There is no comparsion between the two in difficulty levels. Even after we get TotVL on sort of farm mode it still won't be easy. With Lost Vale you don't have do anything perfect and you can still down the bosses with ease. In TotVL you will need to do some of the bosses perfect everytime and everyone is going to have to be on the ball to be able to beat it.

I also found the perfect setup that I want to run but I need to get to rr 66. I will post it once I get there and when I have everything I want to do. I also need 7 more invader crests to do this as well. Hopefully I will get them as I level up my renown.



  1. Meh, I'm sure everyone thought LV was hard to be at first. But once you clear it, it's all farm from there.

    As far as your invader goes.... I think I might have some warlords for you in my inventory that I forgot to tell you one vent.... :D


  2. I have all my warlord gear that I can get right now. Unless you found some way to trade crests.