Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Thoughts.

So since I have hit rr 66 I just can't decide what I want to do with my spec. In the past two days I have easily spent around 100 gold trying out different specs just to see what I want to do. And in the end I am basically the same spec as I was before with just a few tweaks in my renown spending. Oh well it was fun trying out different things. I am sure my guild is tried of hereing about the different specs too.

Last night I also figured out how little I actaully duel when fighting against some of the IF people. It also shows how little geared I am since I am still trying to get my full invader set while the people who I was fighting has the gear. It was fun and a learning experience.

Then there is this patch coming up. Yea lets just nerf all the AoE huh Mythic. Honestly that isn't smart. I mean I can understand nerfing my Heaven's Fury but why the auras. Yea they are way OP huh. I also feel sorry for the SW's. I think Mythic hates you guys. We will see what actually comes through with this patch hopefully SW's won't get screwed.

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