Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Prodigal Son Returns.

Yes that is right I am back in business in Warhammer. My computer that I built blew up and by that I mean my motherboard went I hate you Blaze and you should go out and do something else instead of playing video games on your computer. Your 360 misses you so why don't you go play that so I did. Also me being poor means I couldn't buy a new mobo just yet. So I played my 360 hung out some with friends and I am working on getting a girlfriend, hopefully that will come to pass.

Anyway so once I got my comp. fixed a few weeks ago I didn't feel like playing any MMO's at all so I didn't. I played Assassin's Creed II and I hunted over Thanksgiving break. Then yesterday at work I logged on to the forums for the first time in a long time and I see a best of thread. So I think to myself him lets see who is the best knight now. As I scroll through I see a lot of destro saying no knight stands out or all the goods one left or there aren't any good ones. This makes me think well I need to fix that.

So I still had my sub. running because I forgot to cancel it in time and I log back on. First thing I did was get my other horse out because I had been kicked from Run Like Hell which I expected because I had been gone for a while. Then I queued up for some SCs. I played like one or two with no one sending me any tells but when I was in the third SC right in the middle boom like 10 different people sent me tells. I was chasing down some SH I think and then just stopped running to type. I stood there for a good min or two just to answer them all and the SH came back and just watched and I guess wondered what was going on. So I get invited back to RLH and run a couple of premades and dominated them both. Of course I dominated too I mean what else do you expect. So I was happy and had fun again, now I just need to do a few tweaks in how I play because stagger will be huge for how we run. No more All out Assault running for me and thus no more 200k SCs either. Oh well.

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