Tuesday, December 15, 2009

City Stage Dos

So I logged in at 4 am because I couldn't fall back asleep.  So like I said I logged in and when I did a couple other people logged in from our guild as well.  So we then just decided hey lets go to the city and try and get stage 2.  So we get to the city at about 5 or a little later than that and we have 2 instances going on.  So our 12 man got into an instance with destro and we continue to wipe them.  The other instance is empty so they got to farm it as well.  I was able to actually get a purple bag so I got my onslaught gem and was happy about that.  Anyway we flipped to stage 2 with about 3 mins left.

So our 12 man group go to the stage 2 and went to the warlord pq in the Colosseum.  Now remember this group has some of the highest renown players with the highest dps out there.  We would have been able to finish this pq with about 30 mins left so instead we decided to see what we can do in the King instance.  We went in there and started killing the mobs.  Now remember we had 1 fully warded tank and 3 semi warded tanks.  The dps had 1 fully warded and the rest semi and the healers where the same way.  We were able to down 2 lords and I got 2 royal crests thus now I can get my warlord chest and be better.  We had 2 weapons drop for us one was a AM staff which sucked because it was dps, and the other was a sword that wasn't for me.  Anyway a good day for me I think.  Because now I can get my crit up to 36% if I wanted to.  Should be fun.

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