Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still Figuring Things Out

So I am still tweaking what I want to do now. I am thinking now of going for a full blown crit. build on my Knight. I know I know how can I do that well you will just have to wait and see tomorrow when if I remember I will post screenshots of what I am doing, but I think I can get it up to 30% crit. Granted my wounds will take a little hit but it is all good.

On another note I have been exhausted lately and I don't know why. I have played WAR but not as much as I would like. Maybe after work today I will be able to take a nap and be re energized for the night of WAR.


  1. It's gotta be your picture. Just looking at that makes me want to take a nap.

    Crit gear! You can get a 4% crit talisman for your shoulders with a couple lucky salvaging rolls. Primeval Shoulders have 2%, Warlord Gloves are 3%, DP boots are 3%, and your Empire Inf Helm is 2%, The Butcher in LV drops a 6% crit two-hander as well. Those would be the ones to look for if I were you. You'll have a rough time finding a crit% cloak now that forts are gone though. That'll get you to a base of 20% before any tactics. Pretty sweet. =D

  2. Its a good thing that I already have the crit cloak. Got it from the first fort we ever took on Gorfang.