Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fear the Feathers!!!!

So I logged on this morning before work to do some quick SCs.  You know I wasn't planning on doing really anything in them a few DBs, maybe a 1k renown in each one.  I actually did pretty good, well at least I thought I did.  Lead in damage and DBs in a lot of them.  I was actually happy with my damage hitting over 100k because usually that only happens in a premade with me now since I don't run AoA or basically any AoE.  Anyway it was fun and here are a few SSs from it.  Oh and I am going to be working on another little movie I think, I just wish I had full version of fraps but I am poor.  If anyone would like to donate for it than go right ahead I would be happy.

1 comment:

  1. You getting boned on your renown. For that kind of damage and DBs, you should easily be @ 4K.

    I'm guess that you shared a group with the lowbies. And they most likely are soaking up your RR.

    I usually average 5K in renown per SC. If you aren't going in with premades, I generally examine all my group mates ranks and move accordingly.