Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So like I said yesterday we had our wing eating challenge at Bdubs (Buffalo Wild Wings).  We had 5 people there 1 more than I thought.  We were hoping for 250 wings between us, so 50 per person.  We got 234 wings down.  2 guys and me finished our 50 while one guy had just 4 left but couldn't do it and another had 12 left.  Granted the guy who had 12 left weighed 140 pounds and is training for the Olympics in the 800 so I thought he did well.  My stomach still hurts right now from all the wings I ate.

Also just to let you know, in that one sitting I had roughly 3600 calories.  That is crazy but I am paying for it right now.  I felt so fat afterward that I just didn't feel like moving at all in fact I still feel that way.

Oh and today is the start of Keg End.  Should be fun.


  1. Where do I begin. I ate 3 football sized burritos in under 10 minutes for 100 dollars, I chugged a fifth of Jack Daniels for 100 dollars. I at 30 White Castles for 40....

    well basically I'm a food whore, so I've been where your at. LOL!

  2. I feel the exequisite pain of pointless food gorging. 50 wings is most definitely a mountain to climb, I think my record is capped at around 35 or so. The best thing, is to force yourself to drink a LOT of water if you can. It will help with the digestion and processing of the excess food and calories you shoved down your gullet. Even better if you can do a salt-water flush instead, which will REALLY help get all of that out of you quickly.