Wednesday, December 9, 2009

PvP Yesterday

So after my well needed nap yesterday I logged on to WAR for some serious play time. I played for a good 5 or 6 hours yesterday which was fun. Started off doing some SCs by myself since not to many people were on. Then enough people from my guild (Run Like Hell) got on that we formed a group and actually did ORvR. This is the first time since I came back that I was out in the lakes. We first tried to stop Praag from locking by taking a bo. Well by the time we cleared out the destro at the bo and was working on the hero 2 warbands showed up to stop us. So we wiped and the lock Praag. We do some more SCs and I tweak my gear some more to get the best set up (Which I think I do but I will discuss that later).

So they are working on the last keep in reikland and our group shows up to stop them. First it was just us and a few stragglers but then more came. Destro was holding us off for a bit with one or two warbands while the other 2 were taking down the outer door. We wipe the ones holding us off from the keep then head to the keep. They still have more than us there at the keep when we get there so we head inside and do some popping out of the back postern to kill a few then get back in. Well we tried to get back in but since Black Orcs are so freaking huge it is sometimes hard to click the door when they have one blocking it and AoE punting people out.

So destro get the inner door down and wipe us on the bottom floor, sort of. We rez and regroup right out side and go in. We wiped every single destro in that keep and I mean we just annihilated them. After we make sure we clear the destro we get ready for the next attack and tank wall the inner door since both doors are still down. The destro ants start rolling in. We tried to hold them back but we couldn't. They take the keep in Reikland then take the last bo and they are off to the city. I was talking to some of my guild mates who have an addon that shows how many people are attacking and defending and it shows the kills. Destro had 90 some attacking while order had 40 some defending. During that whole keep take Destro killed order 192 times while order killed destro 286. So we did our best but just couldn't hold the zerg at bay. I will post later on what happened in the City.


  1. Any idea what the name of that addon is? I keep meaning to look it up, but I always forget.

  2. No idea. I am going to ask tonight.