Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The City

Ok now since destro got to our city again we had a discussion to either go to LV or go into the city. We decided to hop in the city and hope for a good fight. There was 7 total. 6 from my guild Run Like Hell and 1 more WH we picked up in the city, his name was Allimance I think, not quite sure on the spelling.

Anyway we were in the city and we pretty much dominated destro. I remember one time when right in the beginning our group wasn't paying attention and they came and killed Escher and Emayrn and Rocklein (who reach rr 80). There were 5 of them and we just weren't paying attention except I was able to kill 4 of them and would have had the 5th one also if another healer wouldn't have showed. It was funny because in vent they said Blaze run to the guards in the back, then a few secs later nevermind Blaze just killed them all.

The city was fun, still didn't get my stupid purple bag from it. The one crazy thing was that Escher a WH said he had like 76 kills in the instance which is crazy and that I was like 2nd or 3rd with only 25.

I really should get this addon sometime because I think it would be cool to see all this stuff.

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  1. I believe that addon is called Casualties of WAR. You can find it on