Friday, December 4, 2009


So stagger is pretty awesome with a knight. I was in a city instance last night and was just running around by myself when I saw three destro's standing there guarding a flag so I think to myself hmm I wonder if I could take them all down. So I run in and pop heavens fury and started attacking the WE that was there first, I was able to down the WE before the stagger wore off of the other destros. That is when I starting attacking the other WE that was there. I popped my pocket item absorb shield then my rank 1 absorb shield and a couple of pots. I was able to bet the WE and the Choppa that was there. I was actually very impressed with my self with what I had done. Stagger is a very powerful tool that I am just getting used to using.

I also find it funny that destro healers right now ignore me because I haven't played in a while and they see me with a s/s and they think I won't hit that hard and they just sit there and let me beat on them and don't heal them self then they die. Of course I also think it is sad that I hit almost just as hard with my 1-hander than with my 2-hander. Knights need a better 2-hander.


  1. You must be running a Mighty Soul spec if you're hitting that hard with a one-hander. Think how much harder it would be with a two-hander! ;) Honestly, our Arcing Swing is a very hard skill for me to pass up to gain a shield over.

  2. You would be surprised, I don't use mighty soul and I can still crit. healers for just about 1k in precision strike and around 800 or so on auto attack. Our 2 hander is horrible.