Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Play Time

I played a freaking ton last night.  I started at 3:30 and didn't stop till 3:30 in the morning, with only a 2 hour break to go sleigh riding with a few girls.  Yea I am a pimp I know.  Anyway I gained probably 25% of a renown rank last night and I was having a blast doing it.

I think last night reminded me why I do like this game.  Fighting destro out in Orvr, getting zerged and then ganking people with our group.  We dominated in SCs which was fun.  We only lost one and that was because people joined late and we were spread out and didn't regroup right away.  Saw a few warlord crest drop and now I am only 26 away from full warlord.  Hopefully we will go to the city soon again and do the palace again and kill those Lords there for the royals there.  Only thing I miss is running AoA because then I get to see my gaudy numbers in SCs.  Oh well I still put up good numbers not like I used to but still breaking 100k most times.

Oh and a WH in our guild Escher is a beast and had 41 DBs in one SC, it was awesome.  It was sad I was second highest with 8.

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  1. Escher is very much so a beast. When I was in a group with him and (Noten I think?) on my SW I was a sad panda, as I could hardyl get DBs. Walking out with <10 DBs on a DPS class makes my soul hurt a little.